Monday, July 28, 2008

Blessing the room

Monday mornings are hard for me, in stiff competition with Sunday evenings. It's difficult to determine whether the actual return to work each week is more a struggle than the anticipation of leaving behind the home and family I so love. My resistance to leaving there (home) and being here (work) sometimes blocks my ability to work and accomplish what is before me to do in the here and now. In the interest of creating a new ritual, today I decided to bless the room--to literally ask God's light to shine in a space that sometimes feels more closed than open, more away from than toward. And in so doing, I want to bless there, and them, as well.

God of Light and Mercy, be with me in this space. I have been led here by your hand, and I have no place to be today but here. May I, too, be a light, and may I shine through each and every task that is before me. Give me eyes to see the opportunities to serve in love, to act for justice, and to bring hope to the hopeless. Even here, I am a minister of promise and opportunity--a new way to be, to know, and to love.

When my mind strays to other places, other times, forgive me--bring me gently back to the breath, to the moment, to now. I thank you for Matt--gracious, loving partner and friend; for Kyra--underwater-swimming, snuggling once again, almost 7-year-old; for Lucas--long, lean 4-year-old with a sweet "w" for "r" and energy from head to toe and back again. And yes, God, thank you also for Ty--walking companion, reminder of "now" and focus and the present. Help me hold them in my heart when I can't be present with them, and when I return to them once again, help me to have the same undistracted focus.

Thank you--for the gifts, for the struggle, for the learning, for the energy that is You moving through each and every moment. Amen.

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